Duncan's Message Sept. 2018

Message from Duncan Sept. 2018

If you’re reading this, maybe you’re searching for God. If you’re searching for God, how serious are you about your search?

Let me give you a principle - an important one if you’re searching for God. The principle is this: God will take seriously your search for him, to the exact same degree to which you seriously search for him. That’s true for everyone - Christians as well. Once we get serious, he gets serious too.

Did you hear about the Archbishop who went to the cathedral for his evening devotions. He knelt down at the foot of the chancel steps, and prayed, ‘Oh, God.’ A voice said, ‘Yes, what is it?’ They found the Archbishop the next morning - he’d died of a coronary.

What would you do if God answered you? What if he said something you didn’t like? Maybe you don’t want him to answer. And maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t. God will take seriously your search for him, to the exact same degree to which you take seriously your search for him.

Having said that, Let me give you a great quote from Martin Luther: ‘God finds no sacrifice more pleasing than a broken heart.’ This is a comforting way to think about God. God’s true nature is to love people who are troubled, have mercy on those who are broken hearted, forgive those who are fallen, and refresh those who are exhausted. We are called to trust in God’s mercy and his goodness alone. When they told us about a God who would break our legs - a child-abuser, if you will - they lied to us. God is gracious and kind. He’s not angry at his own. If you don’t know him, run to him; because of Jesus. And he won’t be angry at you either. That’s the Christian gospel.

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Every blessing


Reverend Duncan Tuck


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