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Minister’s Website Article May 2020


When was the last time you giggled, and didnt care what anybody thought? When was the last time you enjoyed being silly; the last time you danced and shouted and sang and didnt wonder if people would think youve gone crazy? When was the last time you laid on the grass and watched the clouds or stars?

I saw a recent advert saying that now, in lockdown, it’s the perfect time to let go and be yourself - dance across the room, be free.

That’s why I want to talk about prayer. And I want to apologise on behalf of every church person who has given you the wrong idea about praying to God. Praying to God is not about being sombre and serious. When you’ve decided to follow Jesus, you are in relationship with God, like a child to a loving father. You’re safe. So, there is a childlike joy in knowing youre accepted. Not just accepted - acceptable. Not just acceptable - youre cherished, no matter what. To know THAT is what it means to be childlike. No matter how boring some prayers were you heard in the past, real prayer reflects that kind of joy. That is biblical.

Childlikeness is very honest. Were you ever embarrassed by your child’s honesty? Perhaps you brought a friend home and, horrors!, your son said, Youre fat!Maybe you visited relatives, and your daughter said, I didnt want to come, but mum made me.Or, at your friends home, your child says, This food tastes funny.

Children say what they think, act how they feel. Have you ever wondered if its okay to be angry with God? Duh! Do you think he doesnt know if youre angry? So you might as well be yourself. When you tell him you love him, and are pleased with what hes done in your life, and you arent really, do you think he doesnt know?

One of the most important things about prayer is that I can say whatever I need to, and God will accept me and love me. Some things I say to God I wouldnt say anywhere else. Nobody else would understand. Im a minister, and people expect me to behave a certain way, whether I feel like it or not. They expect me to be pure and good, sweet and nice all the time. I do my best. But I dont have to do that with God. So if you pass our house and hear me yell, dont worry. It might not be directed at my wife, but at God.

If the frustration gets too much - pray, like you should.


Every blessing



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