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Hi, Everyone I'm planning to start this new course: Jesus' Attitude Towards Women, beginning on Friday, 9 October at Locking Castle Church from 10am-12pm. This is an 8 week course and if you are interested in attending, please let me know as numbers are limited. The mechanics are obviously rather different this time, given Covid-19, and safety precautions are required. Locking Castle Church has it's own Risk Assessment and safety procedures that are in place that are available online. https://lockingcastlechurch.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/LCC-Covid-Secure-Plan-with-Completed-RiskAssessment-4th-July-2020-V3.pdf The course would be in the Main Hall at the back of the church with access in one way and leaving another way. Windows would be open and face masks are advisable. All tables and chairs are cleaned before and after, as well as other things you may touch. The kitchen is out of bounds, so anyone coming would need to bring their own drinks with them for when we have a break. I can send you further information, if you are interested. Normally I send out leaflets to the churches but with shortage of time and numbers limited to a maximum of 15, I'm not doing that this time. I will type below some of what is on the previous leaflet for you to consider whether you'd like to register.. Jesus' Attitude Towards Women What were women's lives like in Jesus' day? We'll examine contemporary Jewish writings to gain insight into their lifestyle and opportunities. Against this background, we'll explore the Gospels to see how Jesus' teaching and example were radically different to the social norm, leading to significant changes in women's status and role amongst the people who followed him. How does this impact us today? The Course Outline lists some of the following: In Society we'll look at Male-Female Relationships Marriage & Divorce Women in the Family Women as Widows Women among the Outcasts Women as Followers of Jesus In the Religious Context we'll look at Jesus' View on Women's Status & Role Teaching Techniques employed by Jesus Jesus' Approach to Ritual Uncleanness and its Effect on Women Women as Sinners Jesus Discoursing Theologically with Women Women as Disciples and Apostles The charge for the course is £20, but if that's a problem, please let me know. We need to cover heating at the church and there are a few other costs. Those who have been before will remember you generally sat 2 at each large table; this time it will likely be only 1 person per large table so you socially distance from each other. Rather than take up a lot of space with these large tables, if you prefer you can bring a small fold up table, if you have one. But please let me know about this as soon as possible, so we can plan properly. On Tuesday next week I'm going over to Locking Castle Church to try out how many tables will fit in the room and to make sure everyone sitting at one can see the screen. If you would like to come please contact Fiona on the number on the contacts page.

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