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5th April 2020

Duncan and the deacons want to make it clear that they are here to support all members of the fellowship. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you need help.


  1. Don’t forget to listen to Duncan’s message on our website (lynchchapel.org.uk) Last week he challenged us all to memorise Galatian 2, v.20 and to meditate on the passage for 10 mins each day. What will be the challenge for this week?
  1. Light a Candle and put it in your window at 7 pm this Sunday


Links with the wider church

  • Sunday Service available online at https://devotions.urc.org.uk (I am making cd/paper copies for those who have no Internet access. If you know of anyone who’d like a copy, please let me know. Elizabeth)
  • There is a Good Friday service available at the same address


  • Prayer Gathering every Thursday at 7pm. This seems to be via Skype Go to www.baptist.org.uk  - latest updates – coronavirus - prayer gathering where there is a link to join in


Your Thoughts This Palm Sunday


A Prayer for These Times from Colin

Loving Heavenly Father

We give thanks for the bad times as well as the good,

for the difficult times of learning as well as the easy.

Help us to be calm in the storm,

patient in adversities,

loving in the struggles.

Strengthen our minds always to consider others before ourselves 

Comfort our hearts always to hold strong to our faith.

Inspire our wills Always to seek your vision .

Give us confidence for the future so that

whatever we face,

whatever disappointments we endure,

whatever sorrows we encounter,

we will find reason to look forward,

reason to believe in the future

and reason to hope.




Debbie says: Its comforting to pray together even if we can't be in the same room. I have been thinking over the past few days that, as many are so isolated, maybe we could have a short time of prayer in the morning and in the evening.   8 in the morning seems a good time.  This morning  I went out to walk a friend's dog (who I have borrowed to keep me fit😊) The news is so depressing and I found myself worrying about people so it was really helpful and comforting  to concentrate on the Father heart of God and think of hymns with the word 'father' in them.  This morning as I was walking I sang ' Dear Lord and Father of Mankind' which is my favourite hymn.  The dog quite liked it too.  Luckily no one else around to hear my bad singing.    We could also say the Lord's prayer around the same time in the morning too.  If 8 is too early then we could may be do nearer 9. What are peoples' thoughts.


Then in the evening, what about we pray for a couple of minutes or longer for those who can between 8.30 and 9 about the family. we could all email each other particular requests each day if we have requests and then say the Grace at 9. What are your thoughts?  I will make sure I am praying in morning at 8 and evening at 8.30 for anyone who wants to join me.

Please contact Debbie to get this going. Prayer is what we can all offer at this time

Let’s pray for all those who have had operations postponed to an unknown date. Please pray for Bernice and Phil, Debbie’s sister in law, Kathleen, my daughter in law, Nicky


Pray for Arthur, close to the end of his life, and for Gill who is so dedicated to looking after him.



A thought for the day by William Whitson. Sent by John


"Faith is not certainty. Faith is a way to live at peace without certainties.

 Faith is not blind obedience to a list of precise doctrines.

 Faith knows that all doctrines are provisional.

 Faith enjoys walking on the water of an unpredictable future."



Have you had time to think about changing from weekly envelope to standing order?

Thanks Alison & Chris for some light relief with a quiz



May the loving God in whom we trust completely be with us all

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