Monthly message


I recall that a few months ago,  I was preaching on a Psalm to a local church fellowship. I was speaking to them that their ultimate trust must be in God. Psalm 61 v 2 says, “When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” This is David’s prayer when the circumstances of life feel they will drown him. He chooses to turn to God, to cry out for supernatural resources and sing. All good medicine when we find ourselves in a similar position.

The fruit of the Spirit of God, joy and peace is always ours, but when life threatens to overwhelm, they can seem far away. But there are things that help and will steady you.

1. Choose to focus on what you know God has done for you - not on your misery or short comings. When news is given and the last thing you want to do is worship or be joyful, praise Him as an act of discipline and sacrifice. Your emotions may not yet have caught up with your words - but keep going, they will!

2. Be thankful. Speak out loud everything you can think of that you have at this moment in your life - you are alive - start there and as you deliberately use thanksgiving as a weapon, the fog will lift, and perspective will return.

3. David asks in Psalm 61 that God will “appoint love and faithfulness to protect him” which enabled David to sing again. Everything about God’s wonderful love and care releases a renewed sense of His goodness and presence.

4. Pour out your heart - let go of disappointment: give over the weight you are carrying: the Holy Spirit is waiting to take the load and give you His wisdom, strength and restore your joy and everything else the enemy is seeking to steal.

So, run to the Rock and offer a sacrifice of praise, receive the resources of heaven, and be thankful. As you put these simple steps into practice you will experience God’s blessings come down upon you!

God bless, your Pastor David

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